Motion and Measurement of Distances Revision Notes class 6 chapter 10

Motion and Measurement of Distances  Revision Notes class 6 chapter 10 With the changing times, transport also has gone through various modifications i.e. from animals to the invention of wheels. The evolution of transport is evident when we observe the fast cars, bullet trains etc. Even today new modes of transport are being researched upon. Fig … Read more

Electricity and Circuits Class 6 Notes Science Chapter 12 Class 6 Science Notes

CBSE Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 12 Electricity and Circuits Power station: Electricity that we use at homes, in our factories, is supplied from a power station. Electric cell: Electric cell is a source of electricity. Production of electricity in a cell: An electric cell produces a small amount of electricity from chemicals stored inside it. When the … Read more

Fun with Magnets Class 6 Notes Science Chapter 13

What is Magnet? Objects, which attract magnetic materials like cobalt, nickel and iron are called as a magnet. The ancient, elderly, Greek shepherd was the first person to discover mineral. It is a naturally occurring mineral called magnetite. Therefore, this naturally occurring mineral – magnet was named by the discoverer’s name. The magnets, obtained naturally from a … Read more