Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children Study

The general consensus regarding the rising rate of autism is believed to be the improved ability to identify and diagnose people with autism. However, it’s not the only reason! A study, published in the journal Autism Research, found that nearly 100 in every 10,000 children worldwide suffer from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This marked a … Read more

Is Winter Season the Best Time for a Hair Transplant

Hair loss, whether partial or complete, is a very prevalent clinical complaint in India, affecting both men and women. Regardless of the reasons why you are exploring a hair transplant, it is extremely important to recognise if a particular time of the year has something to do with the results and the overall recovery process. … Read more

Warning Signs Of Lung Inflammation

The Lung is a vital organ for the body for gas exchange and excessive inflammation of the lungs can be life- threatening. Lung inflammation is generally caused by pathogens in response to exposure to toxins, pollutants, irritants, contaminants, and allergens.  It can contribute to respiratory symptoms. In addition, it can also lead to a slow … Read more