Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022: Must-have gifts on Amazon

Oprah’s Favorite Things have just been announced for 2022, and if anyone knows what’s good, it’s Oprah Winfrey. This year, the tastemaker has rounded up a highly giftable shopping list that includes categories like travel, kitchen, beauty, self-care and more, meaning there’s something for everyone from her curated selection. And, like previous years, she’s focusing … Read more

The Ganga Class 10 English Prose Chapter 3 Explain in Hindi UP Board Solution

THE GANGA चाचा नेहरु, जैसा कि भारत के बचों द्वारा प्यार से उन्हें पुकारा जाता था . वे सब भारतियों के दिलों में अपना स्थान बना लिए थें . बदले में वह भी अपने देश और देशवासियों को दिल से प्यार करते थें और अपने आपको उनके साथ एकाकार कर देना चाहते थें . उनकी अंतिम … Read more

Crop Production And Management NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1

Page No 13: Question 1: Select the correct word from the following list and fill in the blanks. float, water, crop, nutrients, preparation (a) The same kind of plants grown and cultivated on a large scale at a place is called _________. (b) The first step before growing crops is ________ of the soil. (c) … Read more

450+ Chemistry Questions PDF For SSC | Railway | State PCS | RRB | Previous Year Question Download Now

CHEMISTRY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS Q1. Beryllium Sulphate is less soluble in water due to ?(a)High inflammable energy(b) Low Energy of dissociation(c) Low inflammable energy(d) ionic band Q2. What is the name of that system which usesradioactivity to decide the period of materials of prehis tone period ?(a) Radium dating(b) Uranium dating(c) Carbon dating(d) Deuterium dating … Read more

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Chapter 6 Virtually True

TextBook Questions Question 1.Before reading the story, attempt the following working in groups of four or five.(a) Do you play computer games ? How many hours do you spend playing games on the computer as compared to outdoor games?Answer:Yes I play computer games. I spend at least 4—5 hours in playing computer games. (b) Make … Read more

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Reader Chapter 8 Mirror

TextBook Questions Question 1.In pairs discuss the following questions :(a) When do you generally use a mirror?(b) Is a mirror essential for us?(c) Given below is a list of possible reasons why a person uses a mirror. Tick (✓) the ones you agree with :(i) to check one’s appearance(ii) to look beautiful(iii) to make sure … Read more