Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

Cancer remains a haunted word even when the medical science has advanced a lot. not all cancers are curable but most of them are including thyroid cancer. This cancer develops in the thyroid gland and before you can find, cancer cells might mutate and become difficult to treat. While some people succumb to cancer because the cells mutated and spread to the other parts of the body and caused complications, a large part of people lose their lives because they ignored the warning signs their body was giving. Thyroid cancer is one of the less talked about cancer type which needs to be highlighted. Recently, a woman shared her experience of getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the symptoms she ignored.

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Here are some initial symptoms of thyroid cancer that you must not ignore:

Change in voice

If your voice suddenly becomes hoarse, you must see a doctor as this is not normal. This, in fact, shows that your cancer might have become aggressive and it is high time to seek a treatment. Cancer cells can invade nerves and cause functional abnormalities. Nerves that control vocal chords might also get affected which makes your voice sound hoarse.

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Warning Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

Problem in breathing and swallowing

If the tumor has spread, it can increase pressure on your food pipe and windpipe. This can lead to breathing issues especially when you lie down as you won’t get enough oxygen. Besides, you may also experience problem in swallowing or eating anything. If you experience this problem for days, get yourself checked for thyroid cancer.

A large lump on the neck

One of the prominent signs of thyroid cancer is a lump on the neck. This is the first thing that a doctor checks for thyroid cancer diagnosis. The reason why most people ignore this is because it is mostly painless. Everyone should check their neck in the mirror to identify any issue. People who have got their neck exposed to any kind of radiation are at a greater risk of developing thyroid cancer. These people must always check for lumps.

Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

Swollen lymph nodes

As the cancer grows, it can cause more problems including swelling on the lymph nodes. When the size of the tumor increases, it can cause inflammation in the lymph nodes. However, this alone is not a sign of thyroid cancer and swollen lymph nodes may occur due to numerous other issues including cold, cough and tonsils.

Acute diarrhea

If you get diarrhoea along with other symptoms mentioned above, it could be a serious sign of thyroid cancer. Some experts share that chronic diarrhoea could be due to cancer cells growth. A lot of people mistake it to be gastroenteritis issue and so, they don’t get themselves tested for thyroid cancer. This type of cancer is called medullary carcinoma which can affect bowel movements. A person with this cancer might have to visit the loo for at least 15 to 20 times a day.

The other symptoms reported by some people include dry skin, fatigue, brittle hair and brain fog.

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