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Packing for travel is never easy. You want to make sure you have everything you’ll need for your whole trip without overpacking. And, of course, you need to make sure that everything will fit in your carry-on luggage, suitcase or weekender bag. Oh, and don’t forget to think about keeping everything organized — including when you get to your destination.

That’s where packing cubes come into play. These days, most of our favorite travel companies have their own version of the cult-favorite packing cubes — and for good reason. They’re a terrific way to travel more organized and without overpacking. But, they tend to all be the same: zippered, individual mesh pouches.

Enter the BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set.

Designed by Emmy-award-winning TV personality Jill Martin, they’re a perfect solution for travelers. Not only are they compressible packing cubes that easily fit in most pieces of luggage, but they also double as a shelf that can be hung in a closet when you arrive at your destination.

An innovative take on packing cubes for more organized travel

The BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube set is a game-changer when it comes to taking the stress out of packing. Not only do the compressible cubes fit loads of clothes, but the hanging nature of the set means they double as shelves when you arrive at your destination. We’ll be packing this set along on every trip.

The BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set is a revolutionary way to pack. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, ensuring that you have the right amount of clothes, they’re packed in an organized manner and you can easily see them when you arrive at your destination is key.

The BumbleBella packing cubes are simple in design. With the set, you’ll get two medium packing cubes, one large packing cube and a vertical mesh organizer that’s divided into three compartments. Each of the packing cubes has a standard zipper enclosure, which we found to be quite durable.

The BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set before packing.

We found the compression feature to be a game-changer to standard packing cubes, which can often offer a one-size setting with little wiggle room. Thanks to the oversized compression zipper, we were able to fit more clothes in each cube, which is a great option when you’re packing for longer trips. In our testing, we were able to fit enough clothes for a five-day trip, though you could fit more if needed.

What really sets the BumbleBella cubes apart, however, is the hanging feature. Each of the three cubes comes pre-installed with two gold-toned metal hooks. When the cubes are packed in a suitcase, the hooks connect to each other, providing an added compression system. When you’ve arrived at your destination, unzip the cubes, disconnect the hooks and place them in the small loopholes on the exterior of each of the cubes.

Once packed, two gold-toned hangers help to further compress your cubes.

The final product is a hanging shelf at your final destination. We found the convenience of not having to unpack each individual cube on reaching our final destination to be incredibly convenient. Instead, we were able to see what was in each of the cubes right from the hanging format. Then, when our trip was over, we were able to zip the cubes back up and plop them back in our suitcase — no re-packing each cube required.

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Emily McNutt

In addition to the cubes, the set comes with a unique feature: a tube-like mesh organizer, which has partial dividers inside and a zipper closure to hold smaller items. In our testing, the organizer was perfect for items that typically get lost in luggage but aren’t large enough to occupy their own medium-sized packing cube — think underwear, socks, bathing suits and the like. Similar to the packing cubes, the organizer tube also has its own gold-toned hanger for easy viewing when you get to your destination.

The tube-like mesh organizer is separated into three compartments with a zipper closure.

Ultimately, we loved that this packing cube set for all of the details. Packing cubes are meant to be durable, and these are made from a water-repellent polyester base that we found to stand up to standard wear and tear. Packing cubes are also meant to be easy to use, and these fit the bill — not only can they be easily zipped and connected together, but each of them also has a durable handle for easy transport from packing to suitcase and from suitcase to closet.

The cubes are available in four colors: gray, blue, black and plaid. The colorways available mean they can coordinate with most pieces of luggage. And, for most standard-sized carry-on bags, the set should easily fit inside, though it will fill the entirety of the bag. For checked bags, one set of BumbleBella cubes will take up one side of the bag, as it did in our Away The Large suitcase. You’ll want to consider two BumbleBella sets if you want to fill your checked bag completely.

The packing cube set fills a full carry-on and one side of a checked bag.

We’re big fans of packing cubes — they really can make all the difference for staying organized when packing for a trip. The BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set takes an already-great concept and makes it better, offering more organization, space-saving benefits and well-thought features.

While there’s a lot to love about this packing cube set, there are a couple of drawbacks. First and foremost, the set could be improved by offering a mesh top covering that would allow you to see what’s in each of the packing cubes while in your bag. Ultimately, we didn’t find this to be a deal-breaker, as the cubes will likely be hanging in an open format in a closet, but it would be a nice feature to have if you plan to use them as traditional packing cubes that stay in your suitcase.

Additionally, not everyone’s travel and packing habits are the same. Because each set comes with two medium packing cubes, one large packing cube and the vertical mesh organizer, it’s a standardized offering. We’d like to see a customizable option where you could choose if you wanted additional cubes added to your set.

It’s also worth noting that if you plan to take just a carry-on bag on your trip, the full BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set will take up just about all of your packing space. In our testing, there was little — if any — room left to pack other items aside from the cubes and organizational tube. If you like to bring additional items outside of the cubes, you may want to rethink using the full set.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the set isn’t exactly the most affordable on the market. When not on sale, the set sells for $61. However, if you travel more than a couple of times a year and will get multiple uses out of them, we think it’s a sound investment to improve your travel and packing experience overall.

There are dozens — if not hundreds — of packing cubes on the market. From luggage pros Away to Underscored-favorite and incredibly chic Paravel and all the way to budget options from the likes of Amazon Basics, packing cubes come in all forms and sizes.

If you’re looking for variety in how many packing cubes you’ll get in a set, you may be better off looking at other offerings aside from BumbleBella. For example, Away offers both a four-piece packing cube set and a six-piece packing cube set. Some of our favorite packing cubes sets available on Amazon, like the Veken Packing Cubes, come with eight pieces, including a travel shoe bag, a toiletry bag and a laundry bag. So, by way of the sheer number of organizational pouches in the set, the BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cubes offer just four pieces in total. If you’re looking for more options and space to store your belongings, you might be better off looking at a larger packing cube set.

The set comes with two medium cubes, one large cube and a tube-like organizational pouch.

As mentioned, what really sets the BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set apart from its competitors is the hanging functionality. The likes of Away’s Packing Cubes, Paravel’s Packing Cubes and virtually all of the packing cubes that you’ll find on Amazon do not feature the hanging option that you’ll find with BumbleBella. The shelf-like functionality of the BumbleBella set means that not only are you getting compression packing cubes for staying organized, but you’re getting a second perk: the ability to hang and easily view everything you’ve packed when you arrive at your destination.

We won’t be traveling without the BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set again. It offers an innovative way to not only pack your belongings in the compression cubes, but also a way to easily view everything as a shelf when you get to your destination.

The cubes are durable and offer handles for easy carrying and a game-changing organizational tube that can easily hold your smaller items. If you’re looking to take the stress out of packing and keeping your things organized — and really, who isn’t? — the BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cube Set is a great solution that will make every trip more enjoyable.

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