Night Cream Is Very Important For Good Skin, Here Is Why You Must Use It

Night Cream Is Very Important For Good Skin, Here Is Why You Must Use It

Gone are the days of naturally beautiful skin. With evolving lifestyle, our skin and its needs are also changing. Moisturisation is one of the important steps of skincare but it should be done twice- at day and night both. Besides, having separate day and night creams is equally necessary for many reasons that we explain in this article.

One of the primary reasons why you should have a separate night moisturiser or cream is that our skin functions differently at different hours. It is active during the day and in self-repair mode at night. Thus, it requires separate nourishment at both times. In a nutshell, your day cream should be light and hydrating, night cream is generally heavy and nourishing. Scroll down to know five benefits of using a different night cream.

Skin repairs itself at night

It might take you by surprise but you can skip day cream as you really don’t need one if you use a sunscreen. But you must use a night cream as you don’t put any other skincare product at night. And so, night cream is the sole product you apply.

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You must wash your face properly with a good cleanser before going to bed. Apply a generous amount of night cream and then go to sleep. For best results, drink chamomile tea before bedtime as it helps get good beauty sleep.

why use different day and Night Creams

Skin requires moisture at night

While experts emphasise on the role of cleansing at night, it should be followed by a night cream. Your skin requires a thick layer of moisture at night and so, your day cream or regular moisturiser won’t help. Thus, it is necessary to invest in a heavy night cream. You can go overboard with it as it will all get absorbed into the skin.

Night cream has special ingredients

The reasons why companies make day and night cream separately is that their formulation is different. Some active ingredients in a day cream might not activate during the night and vice-versa. If the ingredients are not utilised as per the time, they would do no good to your skin. Thus, get yourself a night cream as per your skin and its requirements. Consider your skin type, skin issue and potential target while buying a night cream.

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why use different Night Cream

Skin is clean at night

Even if you apply a good moisturiser in the day, it might not get fully utilised as your skin is exposed to dirt, dust and grime. At night, you are in the comfort of your home and free from dusty environment. This means, your skin is bare, clean and ready for the right ingredients to get absorbed. This is one of the reasons why most anti-ageing creams are meant for night application.

Lastly, your skin goes into self-repair mode at night as you sleep and rest. It generates new skin cells and restores itself just like the body. You must feed it with required healing nourishment to make your skin look good and youthful.

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