There are many different kinds of things
around us. These are books, table,toys  trees, animals, plans, flowers, Birds etc.

All these things are broadly divided in two 

major categories:
1. Living things

2. Non-living things1. Living things:

The things which have life in them are called living things. Human beings, animals, birds, plants, and trees are living things.
Living things can grow, eat, feel and move from one place to another place.2. Non-living things:

The things which can not grow, move of their own and cannot feel and eat they do not have life are called non- living things. Toys, buildings, televisions, rivers, cars, hills, mountain etc are non- living things.

Characteristics of the Living and Non-Living things:1. Grow: 

Living things grow in size. A baby grows to a child and then to man. Cubs grow into lions. The bus go into flowers. Seeds grow into a baby plants and the baby plant grow into Big trees.

The growth in human beings and animals stops after a definite period of age. Plants keep on growing throughout their life.

Non-Living things cannot grow. A book, A chair, or a car can not grow. Thus living things grow but non living things do not grow.

2. Living things

 except plants move from place to place a Man a cat a dog a deer it is he cannot move with the help of their legs Birds butterflies and the honeybees move
 with the help of Wings they move in search of their food shelter or to escape from their enemies.

Plants or trees which are living things but do not move from place to place.
 They cannot move but can show moment. They can make their own food themselves.
The list of Touch Me Not plant show moment when did dost non-living things do not. So man, cars, buses, train, it is move from place to place only when they are provided fuel that is diesel, petrol or coal.
They cannot move themselves they are drived by anybody.

 There are Non-Living (man made) thing.

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