The Daffodils- William Wordsworth Summary, Objective & Online Test

The Daffodils
(Long Summary-For Basic Concept)

Born7 April 1770, Cockermouth, United Kingdom

The Daffodils” is a beautiful poem which has been composed by a great romantic and nature poet William Wordsworth. William was a great lover of nature. He saw a close relationship between man and nature. Once the poet was wandering aimlessly alone over valley and hills and coming across the flock of golden daffodils flowers. They were countless in a number of almost ten thousand. Those all golden daffodils were fluttering and dancing in the breeze beside the lake beneath the trees. The countless golden daffodils were growing in never-ending line beside the lake which were looking like twinkling stars in the sky. Heaving gazed at the sight of those golden daffodils flowers the poet’s heart was filled with Overjoyed.

But once the poet was in a thoughtful and sad mood, the sight of those golden shining flowers flashed upon his mind. After that, he forgot all his sorrow and sadness. His saddy heart began to dance with those daffodils. Really the recollected sight of those golden shining daffodils made him as joyous as he had felt for the first time.

At last, the poet says that beautiful sights of daffodils may not give material comfort but it has a healing power that removes our sorrow and sadness and provides new life and energy instead of grief.

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