NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3 The Little Girl(Value Based Questions)

Value Based Questions (4 marks each)
(About 80-100 words each)

Question 1:
Kezia in the story “The Little Girl” was afraid of her father because he never communicated with her. Imagine you are parenting counsellor, based on your reading of the story write a paragraph advising the parents to make communication with their children priority. (SA-1,2014-15)

In the story, Kezia is always scared of her father. Her father was a strict disciplinarian who was always strict towards her. He never spoke to her softly and in a loving manner. He always scolded her and even beat her up for small mistakes. Parents should not let their stress and workload interfere in their family life. Parents should always spend quality time with their children. Bonding and understanding should always be there so that the children can open up their feelings and problems with their parents. Their should be no communication gap between the parents and their children.

Question 2:
‘The relation between a parent and child should be distant and formal or should it be close and warm.

In today’s modem context parents and children should be more like friends. The relationship between them should be warm and close. This would be very helpful in developing the overall personality of the child. It also helps in boosting the confidence of the child and making him more strong in his relation. Therefore, it is necessary that children share a close relation with their parents and there should be no fear but only respect and love.

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