NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 1 The Fun They Had(Long Answer Type Questions (4 marks each) (About 80-100 words each))

Long Answer Type Questions (4 marks each)
(About 80-100 words each)

Question 1:

In spite of all comforts and luxuries in today’s world, our grandparents still cherish their own time when life was quite tough. Give your own views regarding this in 80-100 words. (Board Term, Sept. 2013,9KK73AP)


Our grand parents lived during the years of 1950s to 1970s. At that time life was very simple yet tough. They had time to explore the surroundings and the world. They had parks to play with less pollution around them. Mechanical gadgets were there but were used only for necessary activities. There were rivers where they could go for picnics and treks without the fear of being getting any allergy. The school was more of a fun place where they met their friends. They studied but were not competing against each other. For them, togetherness was important rather than competition.
In today’s world, we are competing against our friends. We have all the facilities of life but we do not have time for our family and friends. We like to play but on computers and play station rather than with our siblings and friends.

Question 2:

How was Margie’s school different from the schools that existed hundreds of years ago?(Board Term 1,2012, ELI-030)


Margie’s school was at home. She had a mechanical teacher, telebooks, no other students were there in the class and work was fed in by the mechanical teacher by punch codes. Whereas, the old schools had proper buildings, many students, human teachers who gave homework and asked questions. Everyone learned the same things and books were of paper. So, it is clearly visible that Margie’s school was totally different from the schools that existed hundreds of years ago.

Question 3:
How is Margie’s school different from a normal school? (Board Term 1,2012, ELI-038)
Margie’s school had a room installed with a computer from which she used to learn the lessons. There were no human teachers to teach students. No homework was given to the students. The computers gave them tests and the results were given instantly. There was no one to do the corrections or solve their problems. There were no classmates even. So, Margie’s school was very different from a normal school.

Value Based Question(4 marks each)

Question 1:
‘Machines can’t replace human beings.’ Explain this in 80-100 words with reference to the Lesson ‘The Fun They Had’. [SA-1, DDE-2014]
In context of the lesson ‘The Fun They Had’ do you think mechanical teachers or computer instructors cannot replace humans as teachers.
A teacher not only has to teach and explain things but also has to understand the mindset of the students. A computer instructor will only be able to deliver the lesson but will not be able to understand the problems of the students. A teacher (human) emotionally connects to the students to make the child comfortable but this is not the case with a mechanical teacher. Teaching can be best done by a person because then only will they be able to pass on the correct values and lessons to the students.


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