Dielectrics (Conductor, Semi-conductor and Insulators) Physics B.Sc 2nd year Paper 2nd Electromagnetics Unit III



On the behaviour of electrical properties of substances, it can be classiffied into three groups:

  1. Conductor
  2. Semi-conductor
  3. Insulator (or dielectric)


The substances through which electric charge or charge carrier one free to move are called conductor. In metallic solid this charge carrier are free electron. In case of mercury (Hg) which is a fluid at ordinary temprature the charge carrier are free electron.
In conductor the electric current can be establish by the application of electric feild.


semi-conductor are those material whose electrical conductivity lies between that of conductor and insulators. Germanium and Silicon are good examples of semiconductor.
The electrical conductivity of semi conductor can be inceased by adding very small amount of other element.

Insulator (or Dielectric): 

The substance which do not permit the pass of electric charge are called insulator or dielectric.
Actually these are no any perfect insulator like ebonite, glass, porcelain etc has infinetly small conductivity.
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