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 Based Pattern  

Bihar Board, Patna

 Class  12th
 Stream  Arts (I.A.), Commerce (I.Com) & Science (I.Sc)
 Subject  English (100 Marks)
 Book  Rainbow-XII | Part- II
 Type  Objective Questions & PDF Attached
 Lesson  Prose-5 | Ideas That Have Helped Mankind
 Total Questions  15 Questions | Set-I
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1. Who is the author of the prose piece, “Ideas That Have Helped Mankind”?

(A) Brutal Bessull

(B) Bertrand Russell

(C) Britannica Russell

(D) Burtrand Rusal | Ans- (B)

2. When was Bertrand Russell born?

(A) 1862

(B) 1870

(C) 1875

(D) 1872 | Ans- (D)

3. Ideas That Have Helped Mankind is written by ……………

(A) Bertrand Russell

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) Germaine Greer

(D) Pearl S. Buck | Ans- (A)

4. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a ……………

(A) historian

(B) scientist

(C) geologist

(D) politician | Ans- (A)

5. ………….. was also a commentator on a large variety of topics.

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Dr Zakir Hussain

(C) Martin Luther King Jr.

(D) Bertrand Russell | Ans- (D)

6. In ………….. the last step was never taken.

(A) India

(B) China

(C) Germany

(D) France | Ans- (B)

7. ………… would not help the corn to grow unless he was allowed to feast on the blood of children.

(A) Moloch

(B) Toloch

(C) Noloch

(D) Doloch | Ans- (A)

8. Civilization taught us …………….

(A) to be friendly towards others

(B) to be human

(C) to be unlawful

(D) to be rude or cruel | Ans- (A)

9. The invention of …………. was more important than the domestication of animals.

(A) agriculture

(B) fire

(C) wheel

(D) car | Ans- (A)

10. When did Bertrand Russell die?

(A) 1960

(B) 1968

(C) 1970

(D) 1980 | Ans- (C)

11. Bertrand Russell belonged to—

(A) America

(B) Britain

(C) Germany

(D) Italy | Ans- (B)

12. Ideas Help ………….

(A) Mankind

(B) Skill

(C) Glory

(D) None | Ans- (A)

13. When was Bertrand Russell awarded with Nobel Prize in Literature?

(A) 1940

(B) 1946

(C) 1950

(D) 1960 | Ans- (C)

14. The word “development” is related to …………..

(A) Caste

(B) Race

(C) Man

(D) Idea | Ans- (C)

15. The two broad categories of Ideas that have helped mankind—

(A) Imagination and knowledge

(B)  Dream and skill

(C) Knowledge and technique

(D) Concern and humanity | Ans- (C)



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