B. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

1. (a) The speaker is referring to the yoke that children would strengthen the nation by firmly standing by the truth.

(b) ‘Careful truth’ means the truth which is unbiased, focused and builds a strong, prosperous and developed nation.

(c) The phrase ‘in our time’ refers to the time when children became grown ups and take the responsibility to serve their motherland.

(d) ‘The Truth whereby the Nation live’ means that children who are the future citizens of the country pray to God to make them honest, responsible and truthful. They also pray to give them the strength to always stand by the truth as it is a strong foundation of a country’s progress and prosperity.

2. (a) The speaker calls his motherland the land of …….faith…pride because it comprises of the customs, beliefs and traditions which he believes in and it has given him his identity and recognition. He is pride of his cultural heritage.

(b) The poet wished to serve his motherland by being sincere, honest, hardworking, responsible and loving. He wishes to do good deeds and contribute to the betterment of human race. He is willing to make supreme sacrifices for his motherland.

(c) ‘Head’ refers to intelligence and knowledge. ‘Heart’ refers to love and patriotism and ‘Hand’ refers to hard work. This reference has been made to signify that children should have intelligence, love and sincerity towards their motherland.

(d) In line 1, the repetition of the word ‘our’ creates a sense of belongingness to the motherland. It gives a feeling that all the countrymen are equal for the motherland.

C. Explain the following.

1. The children pledge to serve their motherland oath sincerity and devotion when they grow up. They want to do their best possible for their country and make necessary sacrifices.

2. The children wish to grow as disciplined and upright human beings capable of making sacrifices which are not half-hearted and worthless.

3. The children pray to god to make them fearless and face any situation courageously and with faith in him. They wish to walk in any sphere of life without any fear, criticism or favor of the people around them.

4. The children pray to God to teach them to find happiness in small things of life and they should not have any ill feelings against anyone. They should take life as it comes.

D. (i) Strengths that cannot seek.

(ii) Controlled and clearly.

(iii) Fear or favor.

(iv) Head, Heart and Hand.

E. aabb



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