A. Tick the correct answers from the options given below.

1.(i) on foot.

2.(iii) digging earth.

3.(ii) his stomach.

4.(iii) his handkerchief and the hermit’s towel.

5.(ii) on the threshold of the hermit’s cell.

B. Answer the following questions in about 30 words each.


1. The three questions that occurred to the king were:-

(i) What is the right time to begin everything?
(ii) Who are the right people to listen and whom to avoid?
(iii) What is the most important thing to do?

2. Every learned men answered the, but king agreed to none, so he decided to go to a wise hermit. The hermit lived in a wood which he never quitted, and he received none but common folk. So, the king put on simple clothes.

3. The bearded man was the enemy of the king as the king had executed his brother and seized his property.                                                                                                                                                                                                             The day passed but the king didn’t return. So, he came out from ambush to find the king but the king’s bodyguards recognized him and wounded him.

4. The king went to the hermit and asked his questions but hermit didn’t replied. The hermit was tired so the king took the spade and worked for the hermit. When he dug two beds, the king stopped and repeated his questions but the hermit doesn’t replied and the king continued digging. After an hour one man came running out of the wood. The man was the enemy of the king. He wanted to kill him but he was wounded by the bodyguards. So, digging of beds for the hermit saved the king’s life.

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