U P Board Short Stories Class 12 Chapter 2 After Twenty Years Short Summary of the Story By -O.Henry

U. P. Board Short Stories | Class -12 Chapter -2 | After Twenty Years | Short Summary of the Story | By -O.Henry

Two friends Bob and Jimmy Wells – were friends. They grew up together in New York with the two brothers. Bob was 18 and Jimmy was 20. Jimmy was a straight-hearted person. He loved New York and could not leave it. Bob wanted to be rich.

Farewell – Bob decides to head west to try his luck. On the first night he left, he had dinner at Big Joe Brady’s restaurant. He left outside the refreshment at 10:00 in the night. Before leaving, he decided that he would meet here again after exactly 20 years on this date and time. He thought that in 20 years each of them would have become rich who had been born to become.
Bob’s Arrival – As promised, Bob arrives to meet his friend Jimmy. He came from the west (Chicago). The time and date were the same but ‘Big Joe’ Brady’s water hall was not there. He was dropped 5 years ago. Now there was a store of iron goods in his place, Bob was standing outside that shop. It was not 10:00 yet, so he started waiting.

Arrival of Jimmy – The soldier on his patrol duty was there. He was walking tautly. Very cold winds were blowing to feel the rain. Apart from this, the people around did not stay out till late in the night, so there were no men in the streets. The soldier was checking the doors to see that he was locked. He was also keeping an eye on the road. When he saw Baba standing in the dark, he slowed his pace and went to him.

The two meet- When Bob sees the soldier near him and says that everything is fine. He is waiting for a friend. Then he lit his cigar and lit his cigar, and in the light the soldier saw him. His face was pale, jaw square and eyes sharp. And a trail to the village near Dai Brow. He looked rich. Her scarf had a large diamond pin.

Their conversation – When Jimmy sees Bob’s face, he recognizes that he is the man the Chicago police are looking for. He started thinking about what he should do. How Bob lived together told the whole story of the two of them. How he left and gave that promise.

Jimmy asks him if he has not received any news of his friend after he leaves. Bob told that for some time they wrote letters, then they did not know where the other one was. But he is confident that Jimmy will meet him if he is alive. He has met 1000 to meet Jimmy. Bob saw the watch with small diamonds studded on the dial. There was 3 minutes left at 10:00.

Jimmy’s decision – Now Jimmy had decided what he should do. Bob came to visit her as a friend. He continued to praise Jimmy. He showed affection to Jimmy. So Jimmy could not arrest him, he would send another person. The waiting time was over, so he asked Bob if he would wait for his friend for a while. Babb said that he would wait at least half an hour. Jimmy said goodbye to her and left.

A man with plain clothes – Now it was raining and the wind was blowing. Bob kept waiting and after about 20 minutes a man arrived. He was tall. He was wearing a long overcoat and kept the collar up to the ears. He calls Bob, thinking Bob is Jimmy. As they chatted Bob realized that Jimmy is now two-three inches tall. The man asked Bamb to walk to his familiar place and he would talk there. In fact, he was taking her to the police post.

Bob was told the truth – while they were going together Bob accidentally saw his face in the light, the man’s nose was pinched. Jimmy had a Roman nose. He told the person, “You’re not Jimmy Walls” after the man reported that he had received a telegram from the Chicago police. Bob is now arrested. He also gave Bob’s letter to Bob.

Jimmy’s letter – Jimmy wrote that he had come to meet Bob at the right time. When he lit a matchbox to light his cigar, Jimmy saw that he was the person the Chicago police were looking for. But he could not arrest him. So he sent the soldier in plain uniform.

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