What is the Supper Senses

Has this ever happened to you?
You were eating in the playground and Eagle flew down and took away you roti
As you were softly past a sleeping dog. Its ears shot up at once.

You dropped something sweet on the ground and within minutes many and collected around it.
 Why does it happen? Think and tell.
Animals also have different Senses. They can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Some animals can see their prey from far away. Some can hear even the faintest sound. Some animals can find their friends by their smell. The animal world is full of examples of Amazing senses!
How did the ant recognise a friend?
An aunt was going a long on the ground. Its a group of ants coming from the other side. The first and quickly came back to its hole. The ant guarding the whole recognised it and let it in.
Think and tell me in comment box

  • How did the ant know that the other ants where not from its group?
  • How did the guard ant recognise this ant?

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