Echo- Walter de la Mare Summary, Objective & Online Test

(Long Summary-For Basic Concept)

SpouseElfrida Ingpen (m. 1899–1943)

Poet’s Short Description
Walter John de la Mare OM CH was an English poet, short story writer and novelist. He is probably best remembered for his works for children, for his poem “The Listeners”, and for a highly acclaimed selection of subtle psychological horror stories, amongst them “Seaton’s Aunt” and “All Hallows”.
Echo” is a very unique poem which has been composed by an English poet Walter de la Mare. He is well-known for his poems among children. In this Echo poem, he describes a very strange sound. Once the poet was roaming aimlessly in a place which was filled with countless trees. There, suddenly hears a sound and he instantly calls out, “Who Called?”. He looks around him but finds no one there. The only answer that he gets “Who Called?”. Now he hears the echo of his own sound. “Who Called?”. The poet thinks someone may be hiding behind any tree and making me fun. The poet becomes very sad because he has not hurt anybody in his whole life in any way.
At last, the poet starts crying and the second reason is that the poet has not sufficient knowledge of science so that the poet was unable to understand what ‘an echo’ is?

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