The Characters of David Copperfield Novel-50 Marks

The Characters of David Copperfield Novel-50 marks, 50 Marks enhlish(Bihar Board), Jolly Lifestyle World, Bulls Eye
The Characters in David Copperfield Novel
  1. David Copperfield——–Master David Copperfield’s Father
  2. Aunt Besty Trotwood—————David Copperfield’s Aunt
  3. Clara Copperfield———Master David Copperfield’s Mom
  4. Peggotty——————–David Copperfield’s maid-servant
  5. Mr Edward Murdstone—David Copperfield’s step-father
  6. Tommy Traddles———-Master David’s friend
  7. James Strarfourth———Master David’s friend
  8. Mr Wilkins Micawber—Master David’s elder friend
  9. Master David Copperfield– The main character David Copperfield’s son
  10. Mr Daniel Peggotty——Peggotty’s brother
  11. Mr Gummidge————Mr Peggotty’s friend’s widow
  12. Ham————————Mr Peaggotty’s nephew
  13. Miss Jain Murdstone—–Mr Murdstone’s sister
  14. Little Em’ly—————-Mr Peggotty’s brother-in-law’s daughter(Saale ki beti)
  15. Mr Crekle——————The Principal of Salen House
  16. Mr Barkis—————— Horse’s Cart rider(Tanga Wala)
  17. Mr Queeneen————- The Manager of Wine Factory
  18. Misses——————— Not found in the book
  19. Jainait———————-Aunt Besty’s maid-servant
  20. Mr Dick——————–Aunt Besty’s orphaned relatives
  21. Mr Wickfield————-Agnes’s Father
  22. Dr Strong——————The Principal of Canterbury School
  23. Mr Chillip—————–A Doctor
  24. Misses Croop————-A room owner
  25. Dora————————Spainlo’s daughter
  26. Mr Spainlo—————-Dora’s Father
  27. Uriah Heep—————-Mr. Wickfield’s Clerk
  28. Agnes———————-Mr Wickfield’s Daughter
  29. Martha Endell————Em’ly’s friend
  30. Agnes———————David’s second wife
  31. Misses Emma Micawber-Mr Micawber Wife
  32. C. Peggotty—————Mr Barkis’s Wife
  33. Mr Creakle—————A ruthless headmaster
  34. Jane————————Murdstone’s Sister
  35. Clara Peggotty————David’s Early Nurse
  36. Robert Lynd—————Great Humourist
  37. Mr Creakle—————-David School’s Principal

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