The Artist Summary- Shiga Naoya in Hindi & English (Bihar Board)

कलाकार सारांश


“The Artist” has been written by Shiga Naoya(1883-1971). He was one of the greatest writers of his time. He wrote many essaysstories. The Artist is one of them.
In this story, the author has described a Japanese talented boy. There was a boy, his name was Seibei. He was 12 years old. He Studied in primary school even that age. His parents knew that he went to buy Gourd fleshy fruit from the market. He used to a hole at the top of Gourds fruit and took out seeds inside the gourds. He applied tea leaves to remove the unpleasant smell of the gourd. After that, he polished the fruits with the Japanese Liquor. He was in the habit of the searching gourd. One day, he took it in the class and he started to polish. When the teacher saw him polishing. He got angry, the teacher complained to his parents. His father scolded him and smashed all the gourds with the hammer. Seibei left his hobby forever. At last, he engaged in studying and drawing.

                  With the help of this story, the author wants to say the responsibilities of parents for their children. They are the main cause of children’s future.

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Word Meaning
  1. Described(वर्णित)
  2. Talented(प्रतिभावान)
  3. Primary School(प्राथमिक विद्यालय)
  4. Even that(वह भी)
  5. Gourd(लौकी)
  6. Fleshy(मांसल)
  7. Fruit(फल)
  8. Market(बाजार)
  9. Hole(छेद)
  10. At the top(शीर्ष पर)
  11. Seed(बीज)
  12. Inside(के भीतर)
  13. Applied(लागू करना)
  14. Tealeaves(चाय की पत्तियां)
  15. Remove(हटाना)
  16. Unpleasant(अप्रिय)
  17. Smell(गंध)
  18. After That(उसके बाद)
  19. Polished(पॉलिश)
  20. Liquor(शराब)
  21. Habit(आदत)
  22. Searching(खोज कर)
  23. Angry(गुस्सा)
  24. Complained(शिकायत की)
  25. Scolded(डांटा)
  26. Smashed(तोड़ी)
  27. Hammer(हथौड़ा)
  28. Hobby(शौक)
  29. Engage(संलग्न)
  30. Study(अध्ययन)
  31. Drawing(चि त्र का री)
  32. Author(लेखक)
  33. Want(चाहते हैं)
  34. Responsibilities(जिम्मेदारियों)
  35. Children(बच्चे)
  36. The main cause(मुख्य कारण)
  37. Children’s future(बच्चों का भविष्य)

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